Reduce Printing Costs with Manage Print Save

The total cost of producing, managing, storing and eventually destroying documents is seldom known in most organizations.  Typically, the facts needed to assess print spending are not understood either.  This is why we represent such value as a business partner.

Cases study after case study proposes that Managed Services and Workflow Solutions result in:

  • MPS cost per page is as little as .01 ¢ with us
  • Managed Print Services present the highest ROI in operations
  • Our clients achieve an average of 30% but up to 50% savings
  • Maximize the life of existing assets by keeping up with repairs and service
  • Most companies don’t have the facts needed to strategically manage MPS projects
  • Make your printers like the lights; get one bill and let us do all the work!

Our managed print expertise is deliverable to companies of all sizes.   In today’s business climate, solid MPS implementations are the logical “low hanging fruit” when it comes to taking quick action to save money.

A few more facts:

  • Ordering supplies and requesting service becomes automated reducing downtime to 0.01% and we do not penalize you for printing as much as you need!
  • Workflow solutions automate repetitive processes.  These solutions can improve process efficiency by up to 90% in some cases.  What could you do with that time?
  • Large traditional copier companies are not true MPS providers as they ALL to convert you to their brand.  Only a true solutions provider can deliver maximum value while requiring no upfront hardware investment.
  • We offer FREE printer replacement during our 3 year agreement.
  • Make your printers like the lights and water; get one bill for your usage and let us maintain the whole process!

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Doing business with a local vendor that can service us nationally is not only a convenience but a necessity for our organization; Manage Print Save does this and has provided our greatest savings to date with great results.

Thank you, Purchasing Director


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