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Our greatest benefit is our Managed Print Solution allowing companies to significantly reduce printing costs and outsource the management of your entire organization’s printing including equipment, service, maintenance kits and consumables into a low monthly payment or a cents-per-copy plan. Schedule a document assessment today and see what you really spend and how much you could save.

What is Managed Print Services?
Managed Print Services is our specialty! MPS is defined as a one- or multi-year contract with a third-party provider for the outsourced management of a fleet of at least single-function printers or multifunction peripherals (MFPs). It must include value-add services beyond break-fix and ink/toner supplies replenishment. Value-add services include: installation services (for printers, scanners, MFPs, etc.); life cycle management of printers, scanners, MFPs, etc.; hard copy device usage monitoring and reporting; help desk support for hard copy devices; onsite service provider personnel to support hard copy devices/users; service provider ownership of the hard copy devices; and consulting/implementation solutions for document infrastructure, production, workflow or more effective document-intensive business processes.

Printer & Copier Repair Services
Manage Print Save is your #1 source for all things printer and copier related. From laser and ink-jet printers to high end copiers and multi-function devices; we distribute, service, and manage most major brands. Whether on-site or in-house, our repair services on all major brands of printers and copiers have you covered. We sell, lease, and rent new and used copiers and printers as well.

Managed Network Services
Whether you’re a novice or expert, medium or small business, our technology partner ArcNet Services is all you need to solve your computing problems fast. Whether one of their professionals provides remote or onsite support Arcnet offers a 2-4 hour response time to all Manage Print Save customers backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • PC, Mac, or Server Repair
  • IT Managed Services
  • More…
  • Remote Support
  • Data Recovery, Security & Storage
  • Network Monitoring

We understand how important Technology is in today’s society. We are committed to providing you with the quickest, most efficient, and cost effect way to manage your technology needs.

Technology is a necessity in today’s business, and critical to your business success. But how do you find the right technology and make it work for you? The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in technology to be in business. You don’t even need an in-house IT department. Our outsourcing solution will immediately broaden your IT capabilities and give you the power and flexibility to handle any aspect of your technology needs: Network integration, Business application development, Web design, Support, Preventive care, Database Design, Custom Reporting and much more.

Arcnet Services will take the worry out of your Technology needs with fast 2-4 hour response to all Manage Print Save customers guaranteed!

Today’s printing devices, such as laser printers, copiers, and faxes, are miniature computers. They allow us to make copies, print or exchange data around the world. Thanks to the constant innovation and competition within the Global Printing Device industry, consumers are frequently upgrading their printing devices to take advantage of the newest technologies.

While some consumers relegate their “old” devices to the dumpsters, most are aware that their devices can be recycled, refurbished or reused. By returning “old” devices to a E Waste recycler, supplies reseller or other authorized company, consumers and the printing industry are helping the environment by reducing e-waste.

So what happens once a device is refurbished, recycled or reused?

When a printing device is refurbished, it is cleaned, tested and updated. The device’s updating process might include modernizing software or repairing hardware. Once it has gone through this process, it might be sold in the U.S. at a discounted price available from carrier stores, resellers or online merchants. Depending on the device’s technological specifications it might be sold in other countries.

The “last” stop for a device is recycling. printing devices, such as laser printers, copiers and faxes are composed of a variety of metals, plastic, glass and other materials. Many of these components are recyclable. The metals and minerals are melted to create a metal alloy brick, which is covered in “slag.” The reusable metal is separated and purified while the slag is used for shingles and road construction.

Before donating your device, always erase your personal information. We offer some easy-to-follow instructions on the process or can do it for you. When devices are being reused, they are externally and internally cleaned. Similar to the refurbishing process, a device’s software and hardware might be tested and updated. Then a new owner can use the refurbished device.
Printing devices, such as laser printers and copiers, can be donated to a variety of nonprofit organizations such as domestic shelters, military family programs, etc. Similar to refurbished devices, it could also be resold to international consumers, depending on your devices technology.

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